Located right in the heart of Baton Rouge's Mid City cultural district. 2963 Government Street, BR, LA 70806.

Stop in and visit with us over some great music, or call us at 225.771.8455


Pop Shop Records welcomes independent music lovers of all kinds to our unique, locally owned record store. We stock vinyl from a variety of genres, including vintage and new releases. Our stock changes daily, so just about anything you're looking for can be found here.

We're more than just a record store, though. We're a 21st century music outlet, cultural hub, and popular live performance venue. Together with our customers, we're a meeting place for Baton Rouge's most colorful community of progressive and creative minds. If you love music, let us be your ultimate source for inspiration!

We do what the huge chain stores and online retailers can't do. We embrace our community through personal relationships. We get to know you, so we get to know what you like. That makes us your go-to place for wider selections, better service, and more respect for people's ideas and lives.

We listen to you, the independent artists and listeners that want something more. We're humbled and thankful for the support we've found in creating a store and a venue worthy of great music.


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